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CYAN Cafe & Lounge  

The music selection was interesting and not what I usually expect at a hookah bar (Lil John?) but there was an awesome Thai fighting movie on the HD-TV that amused us. Service was OK.

CYAN Cafe & Lounge  

Cyan cafe is obviously a great place for having Arabian hookah. The shish kebab and other foods are nice too.

CYAN Cafe & Lounge  

If you are in Richmond Hill, you should be visiting this place. They have got the coolest lounge in the entire town. I don't smoke much, nonetheless, I tried the Orange topping one once; it was good. I would tell you to try the shish kebab there.

Principal's School House  

The Principal's Schoolhouse is permanently closed following the death of the owner, Michael Kennedy on May 15.

Silver Pines  

Had a great experience here. The food was absolutely amazing and the staff were really friendly. They are known for fish and chips with fresh cut fries and pork back ribs...I understand why..delicious. It can get very busy at times and because it is ...